Accent Modification Services refer to assessment and speech coaching for teens and adults who speak English as a foreign language and who wish to improve the clarity of their Canadian English pronunciation. The following skills are usually addressed in an accent modification program:

  • consonant and vowel sounds of Canadian English
  • rhythm patterns of Canadian English (i.e., stress)
  • melodic patterns of Canadian English (i.e., intonation)
  • speaking habits to create communication success
  • presentation skills
  • telephone skills


Speech-Language Services refer to clinical assessment, therapy or consultation services for a child or adult with a communication delay or disorder. This can involve one or more of the following:

  • receptive language – the understanding of language 
  • expressive language – expression using language
  • speech – speech sound pronunciation
  • fluency  – speaking smoothly without stuttering
  • phonological awareness – the mastery of early reading skills