Accent Modification

English pronunciation instruction or accent modification coaching is designed to improve the speaking confidence and communication success of those who have a native language other than English. The focus of the program is to increase the clarity of your communication rather than eliminating your accent. The areas covered include:

  • speech sounds, including consonants (e.g., “th,” or “r”) and vowels (e.g., “ee”)
  • word and sentence stress patterns which determine the melody and rhythm patterns of your speech (e.g., discovery pronounced “di-SCOV-er-y”)
  • positive speaking habits that convey confidence to your listener

You will receive a detailed report of your pronunciation patterns, and individualized recommendations for improvement. As part of your program, you will receive customized assignments and videos to assist you in practicing your pronunciation targets and achieving your goals.

Klann Consulting Services offers both Individual and Group programs for accent modification. 

1. Individual programming:  the individual receives direct 1:1 coaching for 60 or 90 minutes. Usually provided on a weekly basis.

2. Precision English Pronunciation Program (Corporate Group Program): coaching is offered in a classroom-style setting, with classes typically scheduled on a weekly basis.

  • group size of 4-5 people
  • regular 90 minute classes for 6, 12 or 18 weeks
  • participants receive individualized coaching in a group setting
  • offered at your business location
  • course schedules and content are customized to the participants and the organization

Please contact me at 780-885-5949 to discuss your particular needs and interests.